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Trusted by over three million users, Act! has been the #1 Contact and Customer Manager in the world since 1987. However, the real power of Act! is unleashed through add-ons, or what we like to call “Actcessories”.

With some of the most powerful Actcessories on the market, why use Act! off the rack?

Whether you’re looking for industry specific customization, or simply looking to save time with efficiency or automation tools, Actcessories can improve your overall Act! experience, while saving you time and money. is website designed to offer two sets of Actcessories, the first is our exclusive family of "Act4" industry products, which provide customized industry solutions for mortgage brokers, financial advisors, real estate agents, and tech support professionals, just to name a few.
The second is our family of "4Act!" products, which include our exclusive toolbox of handy Actcessories such as the incredibly popular Act4outlook, as well as Notes2History, Secondary Contact Promoter & Deleter, and Primary Contact Tool, and much, much more.  

The important common denominator for many of the Act4 industry tools is the “Knowtifier”, quite simply the most powerful & easy-to-use automation tool for Act!. Create set-it-and-forget-it automation that your business can rely on, and let Act! become the virtual assistant you always envisioned it to be.
For mobility solutions, has got you covered with simply the best mobility Actcessory on the market, Handheld Contact. With HHC, your Act! data is always at your fingertips.
So whether you're looking for industry, productivity, or automation tools, Act4work has a solution to help you Act! better, and for less than you'd think. 

The Knowtifier Automation Tool

The Knowtifier delivers on the promise of truly automated customer notifications for birthdays, anniversaries, renewal dates, maturity dates, or any type of customer notification you'd like to trigger from Act!.

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Protect yourself from millions of
dollars in fines & prosecution with
this nifty e-marketing tool that makes
managing your opt-ins a snap.
Act4CASL will ensure your target audience has granted you
opt-in permission.

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